Tunbridge Wells

One Warwick Park Hotel, 1 Warwick Park, Tunbridge Wells TN2 5TA

  •  What is the venue address? One Warwick Park Hotel, 1 Warwick Park, Tunbridge Wells TN2 5TA

  • Do you provide tables? Yes, to all our events 

  • Do you provide chairs? Yes to all our events

  • Do you provide table linen? Yes 

  • Is there parking? The hotel doesn’t have parking, the best place to unload is in Chapel Place and then parking is free on a Sunday along Warwick Park. There are also lots of car parks nearby

  • What Time can I set up from? 9am. Due to the popularity of the events and how quickly we need to set up tables etc, we will ask you to wait outside if arriving before 9am

  • What’s the footfall? We are no longer quoting footfall. Footfall is important but lots of other factors affect sales, quality of product, friendliness of stall holders, engagement with customers, whether customers are just browsing or actually buying. All of our events are well attended and we have lots of repeat bookings from stall holders

  • How much is a stall? Our 2019 prices are as follows: Nov: £47 Dec: £52 Rest of the year £40

  • How big is my pitch? Six foot by about three foot. We have two tables sizes available. If you are bringing any additional items such as rails or stands that need to go on the floor beside your table, we ask that you take a four-foot table otherwise these items won’t fit.

  • Is there Wi-Fi? Yes, its OWP Guest and there is no password, you just need to create an account

  • Do I need insurance? Yes, each stall holder must hold their own public liability insurance

  • How are the events advertised?  We have an extensive marketing plan for each event and advertising in the following places: Support Local Magazine which has a readership of 10,000, Sevenoaks mums, Kent Online, Visit Kent, Visit Tunbridge Wells, Stall Finder, My Kent Family, Tunbridge Wells Events, My Tunbridge Wells. Visit South East England.com, Big Wow, Etsy, Facebook via Support Local Pop Up’s page, Facebook via Support Local Magazines Page, Google Listing on GMB, UK Craft Fair, Stall and craft collective, Tunbridge Wells Autumn Winter guide 30,000 copies distributed. Please be aware we do not use road signs or banners on railings for any of our events. We have applied for planning permission previously and this was declined, businesses are not allowed to put out banner railings or road signs and the council will take these down.

  • Does the public need to pay to get in? No all of our events are free entry 

  • When do I need to pay for my pitch? When you book, due to the popularity of the events we can only hold your space for 24 hours

  •  What If I need to cancel? We do not issue refunds, if we are given 30 day’s notice we will try on a best endeavours basis to swap you into a different date

  • Do I need to be able to take card payments? It’s not a requirement but it is advised purely for your own benefit

  • Can I have copies of the event flyers to share on social media? Yes! You can download our marketing material here

  • What are bar spaces? These pitches are available at all Tunbridge Wells events. Two double doors lead directly from this area into the main hall. The area consists of the function room bar (which will be closed at all times) and has double doors leading from the hotel at one end and double doors going directly into the function room at the other end. The double doors leading from the hotel do not tend to be where customers enter, you may get a few customers enter this way but the majority of customers enter via the street side entrance located in the main function room and will enter the bar area via the double doors from the function room. The bar area gets slightly less footfall to the main hall and is therefore available this year at a discounted price.

  • How much do the bar spaces cost? October: £35, November: £40, December £45