Nourished Mums Care Cards


Nourished Mums Care Cards


Put a stop to putting yourself last & thrive rather than just survive motherhood.

This deck of 50 cards is designed to provide a broad toolkit of physical self care and mindset tools, that will see you through the most sleep deprived days (or months) and frazzled of parenting. All actionable within your mothering day, without the need to add any extra things to your to do list. Because let’s face it, that’s already long enough!
The front of each card shows a short prompt, and on the back are some more detailed information or instructions. All are easy to read, peppered with a little humour and they are all very effective in making you feel a little more cared for and valued every single day.
Pick a card daily, or whenever you need a little boost, to help you adapt to motherhood and feel stronger, calmer, more capable and more like yourself in the process.

An essential purchase for yourself if you are looking for ways to look after yourself a little better, and a really thoughtful gift for a new mum (whether a first, second, third time or more…)

The cards are made from high quality, thick card. They are wipe clean, to withstand accidents and spillages.

Dimensions: 130x90mm.

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