Don't just take it from us, here's what our customers think

Can’t wait to see your new magazine. Your energy and enthusiasm is out of this world! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for giving local businesses a platform in TW..... and beyond!
— Kathryn THE BIG TOE
Firstly, I just wanted to thank you so much for a lovely event yesterday. It was my first pop up with you and I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere was great, lovely people and good flow of customers throughout the day. It was so nice to be in a warm, well lit room rather than battling with the elements outside! Really great venue too.
I think you are doing an amazing job - quite how you find the time I don’t know!! But I am so grateful that you do!! I feel like I am now part of a really special group of people who are so supportive in every way.
— Amelia Hughes
Thank you for all your help this year. It is great to have someone working to help us independent small businesses grow.
— Caroline Bruce
Such a great event, the difference with Support Local Pop Up is that Hope really cares and goes the extra mile. Its obvious she knows her stuff and you can see everyone has a good time from the good turn out. I did the event in July and will be returning in September!
The July event was my first ever fair, and I had a wonderful time! Hope was really helpful in the run-up, and everyone on the day was so friendly. The venue is gorgeous, and I know there was lots of work put in to promoting the event locally, and it was fantastic to see so many customers through the doors. I’ve booked to do more of the fairs this autumn and until Christmas!
A great local event that is well visited with a wide variety of fantastic small businesses. Highly recommended!
— Hannah LOVE INC
A great way to get small businesses heard. Each event has a sense of community, with a wide range of stalls, everyone is in the same boat getting word out about their business. I’ve been to two pop up events now and have had a great time, talking to other stall holders, getting advice about getting yourself out there. Hope really goes the extra mile to get you heard!
— Jenny Mercer
A beautiful venue that’s brilliantly organised. Hope has been amazing and offers fantastic support to all stallholders on the day. Would definitely recommend. A lovely place to get amazing hand crafted products. All the stall holders are really friendly too. Looking forward to the Dec pop up. Affordable too!
— Melisa Lee
Great venue lots of customers and some lovely hand made crafts reflexology and new Pilates studio in tw
— Claire Ford
Support Local Pop Up is the perfect place for me to sell my items locally. The venue is great and Hope makes sure everything runs smoothly. I have done several now and they just keep getting better. With the help of the magazine and Hope’s efforts, word is definitely getting around and I’m sure it’s becoming the go to place for beautifully handmade local items.
— Victoria Harris
When the service you offer (teaching Mindfulness Meditation and Chi Kung) is often not immediately understood or potential clients have questions about it then meeting face to face is invaluable. Potential clients also understandably like to get a feel for what type of person the Instructor is and whether they feel comfortable and can relate to them. This is not something you can get with traditional types of advertising which is why the Pop Up is fantastic for both the advertiser and the potential client. It was also very well organised making it a great experience for both advertiser and attendees