Small purchases make a BIG Difference 

They say when you buy from a local business you’re paying for a little child’s ballet lessons, rather than a CEO’s third holiday home, this is so true. 

However, I’m not sure there’s anything wrong with a CEO buying their third holiday home, good on ‘em for getting to that point, I’m sure they had to start somewhere. But it is true that when you shop small you’re making a big difference to someone’s life. I have a slightly different argument for shopping small. Here are my top reasons you should shop small more often. 

Number one 

I quit my full time job in Finance when I became a mum a couple of years back, becoming self-employed terrified me in every single way, I lost my sick pay, holiday allowance, pension benefits and the pressure fell solely on my shoulders to earn enough money every month to put food on the table. I’m sure anyone who has recently become self-employed will agree. 

So why risk it all? Every penny I make on my own feels like it’s worth so much more than the money I made in my 9-5. I feel like I’ve truly earnt it. When you buy from a small local business your saying “I believe in your idea, your concept, your brand” 

What greater feeling is there than having others believe in your ideas?!  

Number two

When you buy from one of the businesses at our pop ups, you’re actually meeting the owner! There’s nothing worse than going into a chain store and asking a question only to have the sales assistant shrug their shoulders and walk off. 

Customer service in my eyes is everything; I want to feel that the person selling to me is knowledgeable, cares about my business and can help me find what I’m looking for. 

Chances are they won’t be an unhelpful moody sales assistant, because unlike the people shrugging their shoulders, they really love what they do. 

Number Three

Your one small local purchase probably turns into three! If you’re a small local business owner, chances are you want to shop small yourself. For example; My branding is by BeccaLynn illustrations, and my event T-shirts by Doptart. I’m not claiming I always shop small but the connections you make when you’re actually speaking to the owners of businesses are invaluable and whereever I can, I’d rather pay someone I know works incredibly hard for every penny they make.  

Number Four

Get something unique! Every gals worst nightmare is walking into a party wearing the exact same dress as someone else right?! 

When you shop small you get something unique, handmade and a lot of the time customisable! 

Number Five 

Quality! No massive production lines, plus everyone being passionate about their job, equals quality products. 

So next time you’re in Town, pop into an independent coffee shop, meet your local butcher or swing by one of our pop up events and meet tons of amazing local business owners.

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