Iv'e been working hard on this one lately, trying to work out the best places in Tunbridge Wells to advertise!

Here's what I've learnt so far:

planning permission:  This seems to be the key to everything ! Posters, banners, you name it, even if it's on private property you seem to need planning permission. Which is fine but there doesn't seem to be a set cost !? You apply and then you get given the cost at the end once the case is closed. 

Demographics: I'm all up for advertising online, I've listed our events with every free website I can think of, visit Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge Wells events, Kent online, Kent news, but does everyone go online to look for what they want to do at the weekend? As a business that promotes seeing your products in the flesh, should we really be then advertising heavily online?

Networking: Argh I hate that word

Talking to people !: Thats better ;) This is my kinda advertising, talking to local business owners face to face, talking to friends, friends of friends, people i'm introduced to, this is absolutely my favorite way of spreading the word, and something I do ALOT

Flyers: I'm open to opinions on this one, personally I notice banners a lot more than a small flyer in a coffee shop. However banners lead us back to the dreaded planning permission saga ! Do you pick up flyers? Do you notice them when you're out and about? We try and leave ours in as many places as possible in the hope that you do ! media 

Social Media: Now I know I said I wasn't kean on online advertising, but social media gives me a chance to connect. Talking to people through comments and personal messages is another huge part of what we do.

Magazines: I started looking into the price of advertising in magazines........... ohhhh..... my..... god ! I bought my car for less money than a full page ad ! (its a pretty rubishy old car, but still !) As a small business owner myself I know how important it is to want to get your name out there, but I also know you probably don't have that kind of money to spend regularly on advertising. Which is why we recently announced we're launching our own magazine !! Support Local Tunbridge Wells !

I sat down, and worked out the prices of printing, magazine stands, time it would take me to put together, and came up with, what I hope, people will think is really reasonable advertising costs. Starting at the price you'd pay for a pizza not a mulberry handbag !