4 Reasons to Visit a Pop Up Shop

With Christmas approaching you may be starting to shop around for those all important presents. Hand up who always struggles with their dad?! Are socks an acceptable gift every year!? Well fear no more, our pop ups are the perfect place to find a unique gift this Christmas. Here are my top four reasons to 'pop' along

1. As designers and creators we are always wanting to make more, which means even if you see the same person at one or two pop ups, chances are they'll have a load more stock to show you the second time round! 

2. Connecting face to face- being able to touch, feel and maybe even smell products gives you a much better idea of what your buying. How many times have you bought something online, only to find its nothing like you expected, it didn't fit or was the wrong colour or size!

3. Discover your new favorite brand! I'm probably spending more money than I actually make on locally made products these days! Here are a few of my favorite things Iv'e bought recently from local Tunbridge Wells companies:

-Onion marmalade from the Bicycle bakery, I may have also eaten a whole sourdough loaf along with it..........on my own! www.thebicyclebakerytw.com

-Almond and Chia butter from Balance butter, personally I love it smothered on green apples! (counter acts all that bread, right?) www.balancebutter.co.uk

-An organic cotton sweatshirt for my little one, I love the phrases on these: stargazer, puddle jumper, adventurer!  www.underclearskies.co.uk

4. Your purchase could be the making of someone. Here's a fact about small businesses, we all want to give up......but we don't. Any successful small business owner will work late into the night, weekends, pick up emails when out with the family, answer the phone whilst trying to do a hundred other things and most of the time feel like their working day is never done. Why do we do it? Because we really believe in our product, or the service we offer. Your small purchase could be the pat on the back we need to keep going, keep trying ad keep creating. 


Hope Marshall